New York City is leading the nation in terms of economic recovery. Mayor Bloomberg on new labor force data released yesterday showing the strength of the City’s economy:

“We now know that New York City’s economy has exceeded previous estimates, fared better than the country as a whole, and outperformed other cities. New York City added private sector jobs at a rate almost 60 percent greater than the country as a whole in 2011, and over the last two years, New York City created more jobs than the next 10 largest cities combined.”


Crain’s New York reports that the city economy grew nearly twice as fast in 2011 as initially thought, and jobs boomed in January. Find out how NYCEDC is helping to create jobs and build a sustainable economic future for New York City.

Photo credit: NYCEDC

NYC is leading the country in job creation.  While the tech sector is a smaller portion of the overall NYC economy, it is the engine that will accelerate growth moving forward as more technology companies setup shop here.  It is indeed good times in NYC and the technology community.

March 22 we will host the kick off of our “Next Big Thing in Digital News Innovation” series right here in NYC.

Source: nycedc