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Today, watch presentations from #waywire, PublishThis, NewsCredCrisisConnection, and The Internet Archive TV News Search & Borrow

The Next Big Thing in Digital News Innovation is streaming live at 10:30am PT/1:30. 


"It’s not just a focus on data that connects the most recent class of Knight News Challenge winners. They all are part of a distributed civic media community that works on open source code, collects and improves data, and collaborates across media organizations. These projects are “part of an infrastructure that helps journalists better understand and serve their communities through data,” commented Chris Sopher, Knight Foundation Journalism Program Associate, in an interview last week. To apply a coding metaphor, the Knight Foundation is funding the creation of patches for the source code of society. This isn’t a new focus: in 2011, Knight chose to help build the newsroom stack, from editorial search engines to data cleaning tools."


"I’m a career newspaperman. I feel the emotional tug. My father was a printer. I get it. If you care about journalism, you’ve got to do this."


John Paton, CEO, Digital First Media, to the New York Times about reducing the number of days each week that newspapers will publish. Newspapers Cut Days From Publishing Week.

Here’s the trend in a nutshell:

Almost two weeks ago, The Times-Picayune in New Orleans, which is owned by Advance Publications, announced that it would cut back its print schedule to just three days a week. Within hours, its sister publications The Birmingham News, The Press-Register of Mobile and The Huntsville Times followed suit. Four days later, Postmedia announced that three of its papers, The Calgary Herald, The Edmonton Journal and The Ottawa Citizen would all eliminate their Sunday editions.

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"Journalism schools are known for producing writers. They’re known for different types of narratives. They are not necessarily lauded for producing math or computer science majors. That has to change."

- Emily Bell, director of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism, in an interview with Alex Howard about data journalism (via mediabytes)

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Video from our 5.22 PaleyNext event in Chicago. Special thanks to Newsy, Narrative Science, nowSpots, and Upworthy for participating!


VIDEO: A quick roundup of IC2012 Madrid: News at the Speed of Life. Full video here. 




If you haven’t already checked out Storyboard, which just launched yesterday, now’s your chance. And here’s a convenient rundown of the stories already posted, as well as the Tumblrs that inspired those stories.

Peter Vidani on the Evolution of the Tumblr Dashboard
Take a look at Peter’s personal blog as well as the home of Tumblr’s Ministry of Design.

Confessions of a Michael Stipe
The famous R.E.M. frontman visits the Tumblr office for a video interview about his new interest in bronze sculpture and his own art-focused Tumblr.

The Morgue Lives!
Voyage deep beneath the surface of the earth to the Morgue, a sub-sub-basement where the New York Times keeps all their secrets. Bonus video too. All courtesy of the Lively Morgue.

Razistan: Afghanistan’s Land of Secrets
A band of photographers publishing their work from the hot zones of Afghanistan, culled from the imagery at Razistan.

Things We Saw from His Cab
Take a ride on an overnight shift with Max Cohen, proprietor of Things I See from My Cab.

And of course, don’t forget about the official Storyboard launch meetup on Thursday if you’re in the NYC vicinity.


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How Reuters Journalists Use Social Media To Uncover Today's Stories


I’ll be talking live at noon EST with Lauren Young, Wealth Editor for Thomson Reuters and Corey Fielder, VP of Product Management for Thomson Reuters.

Come check it out.

Worth a listen!

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Behold the Hearst newspaper-themed cocktails at Local Edition

Local Edition will be delivered Thursday. News of the subterranean Market Street bar from the Bourbon & Branch/Rickhouse family first broke on Scoop last summer, and last week, UrbanDaddy revealed that it’s finally ready to roll.

As promised, it’s not a Prohibition-themed bar; rather, set in the basement of the Hearst Building in the formerExaminer printing room, it pays homage to the newspaper business (!) and the ’50s and ’60s.

It opens Thursday, but will have extended days of operation next week. Reservations will not be required, but they are making the reservation system available after this weekend; keep up on the website. No passwords.

In addition to the decor, the cocktail list will tip its cap to all things related to the era’s news cycle and newspaper business, especially Hearst properties.

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All smiles at our Next Big Thing in Digital News Innovation kick off in New York on 3.22

All smiles at our Next Big Thing in Digital News Innovation kick off in New York on 3.22